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Our Services

Pieffeci Group guides and supports entrepreneurs in the choice of new business strategies and new markets, putting its vast experience and professionalism at the client’s disposal.

Services: Services
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Management Consultancy

We offer complete management consultancy services for our clients and serves as a full service family office for clients with complex financial and personal needs.

As a holistic approach, we, together with The Pieffeci Group look at our clients’ needs in the various aspects of wealth management; ranging from setting up of tax-efficient structures, investment management (in the different asset classes), wealth transfer planning, real-estate financing/property management, full company formation, accounting and concierge services.

We take product suitability very seriously. After determining the best scenario for your business, the right type of strategy will be implemented.

Company Formation & Commercial Services

The service starts with the advisory of the correct business structure, jurisdiction, and activity. Implementation of the most strategic decision based on a complete understanding of the client’s business objectives. We take product suitability very seriously. After determining the best scenario for your business, the right type of strategy will be implemented.

1. Incorporation of companies

  • Formation of legal entities in mainland Dubai – Companies & branches

  • Formation of legal entities in the Free Zones

  • Obtainment of several types of Third Party Authority approvals, permits, and licenses

  • Selection of a local partner or agent

  • Trade name selection and reservation

  • Drafting and reviewing of legal documents and agreements between partners

  • Renewal of License

2.Consultancy on current legislation and regulations in the UAE

3. Assistance in drafting a business plan and selection of the most suitable legal form

4. Assistance during the start-up phase

5. Relocation services for both company employees or individuals

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Corporate Finance

Our finance professionals deliver services that aids in decision making, such as budgets, forecasts, transaction advisory, and creating investor pitch-decks. We will be there to help you from initiation through deal completion.

Human Resources & PRO Services

Our company provides solutions to handle your smooth transfer of residency to the UAE and assistance in recruiting the desired employees for your company. 

 Our services include:  

  1. Assistance to Visa Related Activities (processing of permits, labor card, Emirates ID & E-gate, medical insurance, driving license, etc.)

  2. Transfer of tax residency

  3. Scouting of suitable residential properties and activation of related utility services 

  4. Assistance in renting, purchasing and registering of vehicles

  5. Assistance in finding suitable health and property insurance packages

  6. Assistance in Employee Job Posting, Screening, Interviewing, Negotiation and Contract Finalization

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Accounting and VAT Services

This service focuses on the financial areas of the business for the optimization of the financial activities of the business. We offer services in recording and maintenance of our client’s accounting records in accordance with the Generally Accepted Accounting Practice in U.A.E. An accurate and complete recording of all business transactions is essential for the preparation of a reliable financial report. Our team provides these services so you can spend time on more important things.

The introduction of Value Added Tax (VAT) in the UAE last January 1, 2018, a traditionally Tax-free jurisdiction, brings with it a lot of opportunities and an equal amount of challenges. 

Our VAT consulting services in the UAE involves providing an understanding of the Tax Laws and Executive Regulations, understanding your business model and evaluation of VAT’s impact on your business, exclusive VAT bookkeeping assistance, preparing and executing all VAT related communication to your trade partners and providing strategic inputs for conducting your business. 

Other Services

Tax Compliance and Advisory

Whether you’re setting up a new business, or planning to expand into new territory, our team of tax experts will be with you every step of the way. We will provide you with support and advice at every stage of the tax cycle.

Real Estate Advisory

Sourcing real estate opportunities for investors and management of the relative administrative tasks involved.

Commercial Services/
Business Development

Sourcing business opportunities and implementing sales and distribution networks to create strategic options via introduction to domestic and international resources.

Marketing and Communications

The study and development of personalized marketing solutions and integrated communication plans. To develop linkages with private equity investors and strategic operators.

Services: Services
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